Handcrafted jewelry, bunny treats and bunny toys all made with the healthy bunny and bunny lover in mind.

Handcrafted bunny themed pendants, necklaces and earrings.

Memorial pieces made to order.

Carefully balanced healthy treats that taste good and good for bunny.

Creative chew-able and edible toys that mix treats and fun together. 

100% of all proceeds go to the animals care.
The Bunny Boutique is our special Facebook page for special fundraising silent auctions.

The items offered during one of these fundraisers can be anything from vintage teddy bears and knick-knacks to jewelry, T-shirts and collectibles.

All starting at rock bottom prices, but remember, it's for the bunnies. 

Visit our Bunny Boutique to see past items or check for upcoming silent auctions or other fundraisers.

Bunny Boutique


The Rescuers Collections 
is a group of rescues that have designed charms that represent their rescue. Charms, charm bracelets, pandora style beads to create your own. 

Collect them all! 
All proceeds to go their rescues. 

 Soon this will be a full blown handcrafted bunny co-op A showcase for the rescues that offer handcrafted art, jewelry and more. 

 Because it's the rescues making and offering the items you know the proceeds go for the animals.