Our rescue, like all rescues, serve a very important purpose in all communities.
Rescues work very hard to help the animals that have been neglected, abused and 

abandoned by the very humans they relied on. We take them off the streets where they
were left to fend for themselves and care for them the way humans were meant to.
We save these same type animals from needlessly being euthanized in over crowed shelters.

These efforts are made with a great amount of personal sacrifice of the rescuers.
But we do it out of love, understanding and compassion for these beautiful loving creatures
that deserve better than what they got. The animals needn't die because of their human's failings.

Rescues are there to help.  Rescue's also need the public's help.
More importantly, the animal's need the public's help.

Besides the basic expenses of feeding, housing and basic medical care, the biggest cost
is that of spaying and neutering. No more babies means fewer animals that would continue

to be dumped on the streets or in shelters where their only outcome is death.

Adoptions fees are to help ensure the commitment of the adopter to love and care for their

new family member properly and for the rest of it's life.
What adoption fees don't do is cover the cost of the care and medical rendered to the animal

prior to adoption, it only slightly offsets it.

If you care about the about these beautiful little lives as much as we do, please find it your heart 

to make a donation for the rabbits in our rescue.


Thank you.