Somebunny Luvs Me is dedicated to the health and well being of domestic rabbits. 

Our Mission is to:

Rescue the abused, neglected and those in danger of dying in the shelters. 

Rehabilitate the sick, injured and un-socialized with the purpose of finding them new loving forever homes. 

Educate new and existing owners on proper rabbit care and ownership to create a better understanding and bond with their rabbit. 

We are 100% family run and volunteer based rabbit rescue located in Jurupa Valley, CA. We are fully incorporated and registered with the state of CA as a non-profit charity rescue and covered under the umbrella of a local 501(c)3 charity organization while our 501(c)3 is in process.

"Rescue is the hardest and most rewarding job you will never get paid for."

Board of Directors
Theresa Mossberg - President
Kenyon Mossberg - VP/Treasurer
Ken Seyler - Secretary

I started working in rescue in 2012 as a foster for another rescue. In 2013 I started Somebunny Luvs Me as a store for my homemade bunny toys and treats. By 2014, as a foster, I was completely left to my own devices and with many rabbits by the other rescue.
I knew what the next logical step was, but there were some loose ends to tie up. With the help and support of my family as well as the support of my friends in the rabbit and rescue community, that's all behind me now, 
so here we are....

Somebunny Luvs Me Rabbit Rescue!

I believe that proper rabbit education is a better solution to simply surrendering your rabbit. Rabbits are and should always be considered a part of the family the same as a dog or cat and deserve the same love and devotion. I do not believe in simply taking on someone else's responsibility because they just don't have the time or desire anymore.

Everybun deserves a forever home of their own and I will do what I can to find those put into my care forever homes. And to help those in homes to stay there if possible through education and emotional support.
I have been working closely with my local animal shelter and have taken in many mothers with newborns as well as a number of 2 and 3 week old orphans that were too young to be adopted and no one there experienced to care for them.

Many of these mothers were not much more than babies themselves, ranging in age of just 5 months to 1 year.

Most of the buns available for adoption are under 2 years or just turned 2. A few of them are between 3 and 4.

All bunnies are healthy & happy and spayed or neutered when age appropriate. We have a trusted rabbit savvy vet that treats our buns should they come in ill or injured or become ill. 

They are housed indoors in roomy enclosures and receive supervised outdoor play time in safe covered enclosures.