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Norco Rabbit Wrangling

So...this is going to be long but necessary. I was contacted on Sunday 2/23 by a gal who is helping a friend whose parents have 5 or 6 rabbits running loose on their property. I have -O room here but she said she was also in contact with a sanctuary that takes in unadoptable animals that would take them if someone could wrangle them and they had no other place to go.

The gal that contacted me actually lives in Texas, her friend lives in Oregon but is visiting her parents in Norco CA and the sanctuary is in Ramona CA...Whew.... I agree to wrangle them and headed on out with supplies in hand to assess the situation. Turns out the 5 or 6 rabbits was a mom with 5 or 6 babies that are living under one of the property owner’s sheds.

We look around for mom, who I’m told spends a lot of time exploring the property. In the mean time several of the babies are running in and out from under the shed, estimated age, 4 weeks and cute as lil poof buttons. Then the mom is spotted in the neighbors yard. I was told she was very friendly, most likely a dumped family pet. The daddy was also friendly and caught by another neighbor that chose to keep him. All I know about dad is that it’s a small grey bunny. So, with permission of the neighbor, where we could see the mom, I scale the chain link fence to try and catch the her. About 5 minutes later she was in my arms, she's covered in urine spray from the male but cute, sweet and appears to be pregnant. I pass her to Kenny under the fence and place her in a carrier.

That was all we could do that day as the caging we brought had bars that the teeny tiny babies could just walk right through so we would have to come back on Monday. We get home and start to scramble on where we are going to house them. Fortunately we had two nice hutches donated to us not long ago that we were going to use for outside play areas. Got her tucked in there for the night and planned to call the vet in the morning.

Monday Morning: I went out to check on her I found she had built herself a nest
...so much for the call to the vet.

Now off to catch some babies with proper sized caging. It took several hours but in the end we managed to catch 3 of the elusive lil critters. We did have 4 but one slipped away and back under the shed.
At this point they stopped coming out so we wrapped it up for the day. The remaining babies were left with plenty of provisions.

Upon our return home we did some shifting and found a place to set up a cage for the three lil one’s. After getting them settled in we went out to feed and check on their mama...Wow...

YouTube Video

From what we could see at the time was 5 brand new lil ones nestled in a thick fur and hay nest. By the the next day when checking on her we were able to get a better count, 8 in total. As it tends to happen, rather than 5 or 6 buns in the situation, there were now 15 in total!! Sadly, Wednesday morning I discovered that one of the newborn’s had not made it. Mama had removed the poor lil thing from the nest and away from the rest of the babies. Perhaps 8 were just too many for her or perhaps this one was not striving, it was I believe the smallest. To top it off, the owner of the property reported to me that they had not seen the lil grey baby since Tuesday evening. During my day out there trying to catch them, with no luck, I had not seen it either and still no sign on Thursday. The property owners and myself believe that a black cat has discovered the babies and is stalking them. Due to prior wedding commitments for my son, I was unable to go out on Friday and Saturday, but was back out on Sunday.

Unfortunately Sunday brought only sadness as there were no other babies to be seen or found. I was told by the property owner that she had seen a black cat stalking the shed.

This is exactly what happens when people think that rabbits can survive loose on their own, needless deaths of the innocent.  

We tried our best to get each and every one of them but it doesn't always work out that way and it breaks our hearts.

The mom and all babies will be staying here at the rescue rather than going to the sanctuary that offered to take them as well feel that these are totally adoptable bunnies and deserve to find their forever homes. 

We will need funding help for these newest arrivals, especially for the needed spay and neuters when the time comes. Mom needs to see the vet as she appears to have something wrong with one of her eyes.
It has a white film over it and is much smaller in appearance than her other eye. I wait on taking her in only because I don't want to add to the stress she is already feeling from being moved to a new location and the birth of the babies.

If you can help, you can visit our Donate page and make a donation through paypal. Or look for our Gofundme
fundraiser Norco RAbbit Wrangling by Somebunny Luvs Me Rescue

Updated pictures and videos will be added as time goes by.


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